Why didn't you publish this book in a hard copy form?

The book contains so many links to videos, suppliers, websites, and turnkey providers, that the only way it makes sense to publish the book is as an eBook in PDF form.

Why didn't you make this available for the Kindle?

The Kindle cannot show Adobe Flash, which is how most videos are stored, especially in YouTube.  You can move the downloaded PDF version to your Kindle - knowing that the links will not be live - by simply connecting your Kindle to your PC; opening the files on the Kindle to the "documents," and then dragging the eBook file over to your Kindle.

Can I make this viewable on other portable devices with .mobi?

A qualified "yes" on this question.  The best software we've found to do this is MOBIPOCKET Creator: http://www.mobipocket.com/en/DownloadSoft/DownloadCreator.asp

Note: This is not a project for your average non-technical person.  Remember that the resulting file will have links to videos included, which your hand-held or portable device might not support.

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