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Baseball With The Stars

Potential Revenues:


Revenue Source:

Pay to play fees, and admission


Social media, press releases,
flyers, posters, website, all


Miscellaneous logo shirts or other paraphernalia that you intend to have the players utilize.


Area celebrities to professional
baseball teams; baseball field with announcement capabilities

Volunteers Needed:

Radio and TV celebrities,
politicians, movie celebrities, pro or semi-pro baseball teams, someone to throw out the opening pitch, sing the Star Spangled Banner, and serve as the announcer.

How It Works:

There are two ways to make money with this fundraiser. The first is to charge ballplayers who want to play on the field against the stars. The second way is an admission fee for attending the event.

This can be softball or hardball, depending on whom you get to play against. Look for professional baseball ‘farm’ teams, if you want to field a hardball tournament. There are lots around for each major league team.

A softball tournament against local celebrities can be just as big a draw, and loads of fun. In fact, it will probably be easier to get people to play, which means that you’ll get the player fees. Depending on whom you enlist as the “Star Team,” you will want to establish a “commensurate” fee to play on the field with them. This should be a fun event, and if you’re a charity, look to your board to take the field, along with any staff members. Make arrangements for someone to throw out the opening pitch – perhaps the local mayor - and consider someone to sing the “Star Spangled Banner,” and someone to serve as a host announcer.
The announcer job will be important, as they will be announcing raffles.

Ideas to Consider:

You should arrange to have food for sale, either hosted by you or a service club. Alternatively, find several vendors who will share 20% of their sales dollars with you. If you have any commemorative articles, logo items, and similar paraphernalia, make sure you bring them and set them out on tables or in a booth.

Consider selling raffle tickets – lots of them.  At the end of each inning, or at key innings, you can announce a winner. Have some great prizes, including a lunch or dinner with one of the stars. You might also want to consider a “Star Auction,” where you can raise money in exchange for a lunch or dinner date with one of the celebrities. Although a silent auction might be difficult to do at an event like this, it’s also worth considering.

Don’t be afraid to ask for a high “player fee,” as it’s a tax deductible expense, and you get to sell 9 or more. If you get 18 people signed up, then you just alternate them throughout the game.  At $500 to play, an attendance fee of $10, and several raffles, this can really bring in a lot of
needed dollars.

Source of Idea: Unknown. Many major league sporting teams and MLB Alumni offer similar events in conjunction with charities.

Additional Resource: Major League Baseball Players Alumni - Hope4Heroes http://www.woundedheroesbaseball.com/

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